KBS has a holistic and customized approach to wellness. While fitness is vital, we believe health, beauty and recovery are essential in building a stronger and more confident you — in body, mind and spirit. We provide multiple services at one location with all the tools you need to be successful at achieving your unique goals on your ongoing wellness journey.


Russel Building

KBS – Oakwood Location

Join Kelli on Fridays from 12:30pm to 1pm for group sessions at the Russell Health and Wellness building in Oakwood, OH. Register for classes by emailing Kelli herself.
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Strength Training Classes

A group session allows multiple people to train together under Kelli's coaching. Kelli ensures everyone is using proper form and weight to produce optimal results. Our goal at KBS in each 30 minute session is to push each individual to lift heavy, increase heart rate and finish the session feeling stronger and more confident!

  • 30 min session
  • build muscle and burn fat 
  • any fitness level accepted 
  • Zoom options available 
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One-on-one fitness and integrated nutritional coaching

A private session allows Kelli to give you more focused attention on weight selection and form to help you attain your goals and/or transition confidently into group sessions.

  • 30 min session
  • designed for an individual wanting personal attention and built around the clients specific goals
  • Zoom options available but not ideal
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Personal nutrition guidance

A monthly meal plan designed specifically for the individual. It provides accountability and a guide to better, healthier eating focused on the individual’s weight loss and/or fitness goals.
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"If you’re interested in improving your physical well being with a group of like minded people or prefer a private, one-on-one class, I strongly encourage you to try KBS."

PEMF Machine

Pemf (Pulse Electro
Magnetic Field) therapy

PEMF is a non-invasive, entirely safe method to reduce pain and improve over wellness using a pulsed electromagnetic field that has been clinically proven to help alleviate pain, increase circulation and reduce inflammation.
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Hydration Station -
Dayton location

The Hydration Station offers revitalizing and restorative IVs customized for your unique needs as well as other proprietary vitamins and medications – all administered by qualified medical practitioners with your fast and effective recovery being their number one priority.
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Bel Viso Spa

Bel Viso Medspa is where the world of beauty meets advanced medical technology to provide you with a higher level of care. Our mission -- deliver extraordinary esthetics treatments for our clients. At Bel Viso Medspa, which in Italian means Beautiful Face, is where everyone can put their best self forward in a way that is rewarding and convenient. We accomplish this by offering complimentary consultations, affordable pricing and striving every day to make people look healthy, youthful and rejuvenated by delivering the best treatment experience possible. Services include thread lifts, anti-wrinkle injections, fillers, VI peels and micro-needling.
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First Class Massage

At First Class Massage, we care for your body.  Here, you can heal, be refreshed and recover.  We believe massage is a vital part of wellness. We’re here to help your body to heal by creating balance and comfort in your muscular and other systems. These are clinical applications, practiced with compassion, by Mitzi, who listens to you and learns about your body before and during hands-on work.  She offers a full range of massages and stretching techniques including relaxation, deep tissue and hot stone massages.
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Cousin's Meals

Andrew, chef and owner of Cousins Meals, offers all from scratch healthy pre-made meals that are packed full of flavor for people on the go or for those who just don’t want to cook. His philosophy around cooking is to balance life and diet and cook for you like family. His incredible flavor profiles range from Mexican breakfast burritos and Korean turkey to Italian chicken and vegan quinoa – served with tasty sides like sweet potatoes, broccoli, green beans and rice. All delivered to Kelli’s Body Shop each week for easy pick up. Andrew’s meals are gluten free, dairy free and chocked with protein.
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